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Routine services

We routinely provide non-emergency services for both BoatU.S./ GEICO Members and Non-Members alike, up to 50NM offshore, weather permitting. Members with Unlimited Towing / Unlimited GOLD receive these services without charge and have first priority. Non-members must pay for these services. Recovery of vessels from beyond 50NM are handled on a case-by-case basis and require special considerations to ensure a safe recovery.



Running to your favorite hot spot when your vessel just stops? Give us a call and we’ll tow you up to 50NM from the point of picked — all at no charge for Unlimited or Unlimited Gold Members. Want to go back to the Boat Ramp you launched from, your Home Dock, or a Repair Facility, not a problem. We will tow you anywhere you want to go.



Jamming out on the radio a little too long with the engine off or just find out your Fuel Gauge is inaccurate? Jump Starts and Fuel/Oil Drops are covered; you’ll have to pay the for the Fuel/Oil. However, the service call is fully covered by your membership and so is the tow home should that not fix the problem.



Vessels are considered Soft Aground when they are not in peril and we can re-float them using one of our Towboats and no special services are required. Should we be unsuccessful on the initial attempt, we will return at a higher tide to fix the problem. In the meantime, if you choose, we will take you and your passengers to shore. Should we be unsuccessful after several attempts using one towboat, then we will discuss your options and make sure you agree before using special equipment or two or more towboats to re-float your vessel.



After the first 30 days of becoming a TowBoatU.S. member or after upgrading your membership coverage, Dock-to-Dock tows will be covered at 50% for Unlimited members and 100% for Gold Card Members. We will tow your vessel from the point of pick up to a port of your choice not to exceed a total towing distance of 25 NM.

emergency services

We provide emergency services for boaters on an “as needed basis.” Emergency Services are not covered under your routine towing service agreement, but are services typically billed to your insurance company under your hull insurance policy. These include salvage services like sinking, sunk, on-fire or hard groundings requiring more than one vessel or special equipment to re-float the vessel.



Vessels in peril, like Hard Aground, Sunk, or Actively Taking on Water require Emergency Services are normally covered by your Hull Insurance Policy and billed to your Insurance Company. Check with your carrier to determine what emergency services are covered and how they will pay for required services. You will know when you need Emergency Services.



Vessels are considered Hard Aground when more than one Towboat is required to re-float the vessel or other Special Services are required such as but not limited to: Dive Teams, Air Bags, Barge & Cranes, Jetting Crews, Pumps or if the vessel is in Breaking Surf. Time permitting, our captains will fully explain your options before commencing any hard ungrounding salvage operations.



Vessels that are beyond recovery or salvage become a wreck removal. These jobs are done by signed contract and may be billed on a time and material basis.

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